Material Girls Podcast

“Latex and Resins with an Ex-Latex Vessel Reconstruction Engineer” aka Alicia Piller

February 18, 2020

Latex and Resins with an Ex-Latex Vessel Reconstruction Engineer aka Alicia Piller


Ep. 3


Come along with Lucy and Kelly when they interview LA-based sculptor Alicia Piller. Today the two hosts learn about the history of balloons (sorry to say this isn’t so animal-friendly), studio safety practices for using resins, and the mind-bending structural abilities of bamboo. Scroll through our Instagram post @MaterialGirlsPodcast to see images of Alicia's work along with other subjects referenced in today's episode. Shout outs from today's recording: Shout out to synthetic resin for being harder than concrete, shout out to the Wikipedia pages on bamboo and balloons, and shout out to Michael Faraday for his side hustle inventions while making important scientific discoveries.

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