Material Girls Podcast

“It’s Not Cashing-in, It’s Creating Connections” with Molly Shea

March 25, 2020

It's Not Cashing-in, Its Creating Connections with Molly Shea


Ep. 8


For today's episode, Kelly and Lucinda interview LA-based performance artist Molly Shea. The duo learn where Molly’s friends fall on the moral alignment chart, the balance between SFX and fine-art prosthetics, and the materials needed to build a life-sized potato costume. Molly shares her desert island top materials list that would give the doctor from Gilligans Island a run for his money - you won't want to miss it. Swipe through our Instagram @MaterialGirlsPodcast to see images of Molly's work along with other subjects mentioned in today's podcast!

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