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“Crossover at Cosmic Cafe” with Martine Syms

“Crossover at Cosmic Cafe” with Martine Syms

February 11, 2020

Crossover at Cosmic Cafe with Martine Syms


Ep. 2


Today’s episode takes an alternate route when @MaterialGirlsPodcast teams up with @NTS_radio show CCARTALK LA with Martine Syms. Come along for the ride while Lucy and Kelly learn what Martine’s favorite tool is, The Cosmic Cafe hours of operation, and the expensive way to dodge pesky EMF waves. Scroll through our Instagram @MaterialGirlsPodcast to see images of Martine’s work along with other subjects mentioned in today’s podcast. This one's a two-parter folks,  click the link in our bio to hear our half of the podcast on Spotify and tune in to @NTS_radio to hear the other half tomorrow at 12pm on 2/12/20. 

“If Egyptians Had Phonebooks” with Alexander Collins

“If Egyptians Had Phonebooks” with Alexander Collins

February 3, 2020

If Egyptians Had Phonebooks with Alexander Collins


For today's inaugural episode, we interview Los Angeles based artist Alexander (AJ) Collins. Kelly and Lucy learn about the history of paper-mache and cardboard, hear potential pitfalls to look out for when working in the medium, and discover the hands-free method for stripping a paper-mache sculpture to its bones (*spoiler* rodents may be the best studio assistants yet).

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